Lackawanna River  1-12-22

Archbald: 100 cfs @ 35*

Temp @ A&G: 35*

Scranton: 130 cfs @ 35*


Midges #18-24

There's been a thin layer of shelf ice in certain slower spots this week, but that should melt away by this afternoon or tomorrow. However, it should reform by Saturday morning as Friday is expected to begin another stretch of frigid temps, followed by a possible nor'easter on Monday. There's been a decent amount of midges seen buzzing around every afternoon, and even a few noses poking out last week! 


Current Weather Conditions



<50 cfs - Please do not fish


>65* - Definitely do not fish



                Hot Flies

Bead Head Woolly Bugger.jpg
Pheasant Tail
San Juan Worm.jpg
Tan Larva.jpg
Crystal Midge.jpg