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Lackawanna River  5-30-23

Archbald: 70 cfs @ 66*

Temp @ A&G: 68*

Scranton: 72 cfs @ 70*


Sulphurs #14-16

March Browns #12-14

BWOs #18-20

Tan Caddis #14-16

Olive Caddis #14-16

Memorial day weekend brings upon us the time of year we need to start worrying about water temps. Make sure you are 100% positive the water you are about to fish in is safe. Check with local fly shops and carry a thermometer with you to double check once you get to the stream. Looks like our drought will continue for another week, with no rain in sight until Saturday. But even then, no significant rain until the middle of next week. Air temps are supposed to approach 90 degrees late this week, so we would strongly suggest backing off the river until after we receive some rain and cooler temps. Definitely a bass fishing kind of week!

Current Weather Conditions

Recommendations (@ Archbald):

<75 cfs - Please do not fish

>65* - Definitely do not fish



                Hot Flies

Sulphur Para.jpg
Nemec Stone.jpg
Pheasant Tail
Quill Jig.jpg
Glister Grub.jpg
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