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Lackawanna River  2-8-23

Archbald: 150 cfs @ 38*

Temp @ A&G: 38*

Scranton: 200 cfs @ 38*


Midges #20-24

Our extremely mild winter continues with 50s today and tomorrow. Levels have gotten pretty low and clear, so we could certainly use the rain forecasted for tomorrow, although amounts look a little less than initially expected. On a bug note, there continues to be afternoon small black caddis to go along with the regular dose of midges.


Current Weather Conditions

Recommendations (@ Archbald):

<75 cfs - Please do not fish

>65* - Definitely do not fish



                Hot Flies

Little Black Stonefly.jpg
Bead Head Woolly Bugger.jpg
Pheasant Tail
TH Zebra Midge.jpg
San Juan Worm.jpg
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