Lackawanna River  10-5-22

Archbald: 400 cfs @ 55*

Temp @ A&G: 55*

Scranton: 450 cfs @ 55*


BWOs #18-20

Tan Caddis #16-18

Midges #20-24

Well the weather just kept getting worse and worse over the past couple days, but that was great for us. Always scary when the river is very low as we approach the spawn (which should start within the next couple weeks). The river was a little muddy today, but probably had close to 6" of visibility. Should continue to drop and clear tomorrow. Conditions look good for the weekend.


Current Weather Conditions



<75 cfs - Please do not fish


>65* - Definitely do not fish



                Hot Flies

Quill Jig.jpg
Bead Head Woolly Bugger.jpg
Pheasant Tail
TH Zebra Midge.jpg
Tan Larva.jpg
CDC Elk Caddis.jpg