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Oct '23 Spawn.jpg

Lackawanna River  10-31-23

Archbald: 400 cfs @ 50*

Temp @ A&G: 50*

Scranton: 450 cfs @ 50*


Tan Caddis #16-18

Midges #20-22

BWO #18-20


We are now seeing redds and spawning fish from the reservoir, right through Scranton. Since that's the case we'd ask and recommend you focus your attention on stocked streams, salmon and steelhead, or smallmouth until after the holidays. Give the fish time to spawn and for the eggs to hatch without disruption.

Current Weather Conditions

Recommendations (@ Archbald):

<75 cfs - Please do not fish

>66* - Definitely do not fish



                Hot Flies

Bead Head Woolly Bugger.jpg
Pheasant Tail
Crystal Midge.jpg
Tan Larva.jpg
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