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Hot Flies

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Salmon River  1-12-22

Release: 750

Temp: 33*

Pineville: 980 CFS

Over the last couple of days we didn't speak with any anglers who fished so no new reports from anglers. On Monday we had heavy lake effect snow and picked up around 1 foot on new snow here at the shop, the heaviest of totals was in Redfield where they got between 2-3 feet. On Tuesday we had the coldest weather of the season so far with temp's below zero and struggling to reach out of the single digits. With the colder temperatures slush and shelf ice has been a factor in the lower end of the river. In the upper end of the river in Altmar, slush and shelf ice has not been an issue. After the recent snow the majority of public access parking lots have been cleared and are in good shape!

  • SEPTEMBER 15th - Lower Fly Zone Opens

  • NOVEMBER 30th - Upper Fly Zone Closes

  • APRIL 1st - Upper Fly Zone Opens

  • MAY 15th - Lower Fly Zone Closes


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