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Salmon River  11-24-23

Release: 500 CFS

Temp: 40*

Pineville: 715 CFS

On Tuesday we had some raw weather conditions, it was a mix of rain, sleet, snow and freezing rain at different times throughout the day along with very high winds. The temperature was in the mid 30's but with winds at 20 mph and gusts even higher the wind chill factor made it feel like it was in the 20's. The heavy rain did hold off until later in the day and we had steady rain throughout the night. Over the last few days the fish in the lower end of the river seem to still be holding in the transition water, while in the mid to upper end of the river some fish are holding in the transition water while others have started moving to the normal winter holding water.  Anglers have been getting into fish throughout the river from top to bottom, covering lots of water has been productive and with the increased number of anglers finding some less pressured fish has been another key to success. With the water temperature still near 40 degrees a variety of techniques have been productive. For those anglers who are fly fishing, dead drifting or indicator fishing with egg patterns as well as swinging streamers with sinking leaders have all produced results. For those anglers who are float fishing or bottom bouncing with spinning gear, pink, blue and chart egg sacs as well as beads have all produced results.

  • SEPTEMBER 15th - Lower Fly Zone Opens

  • NOVEMBER 30th - Upper Fly Zone Closes

  • APRIL 1st - Upper Fly Zone Opens

  • MAY 15th - Lower Fly Zone Closes


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Hot Flies

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