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Salmon River  11-10-19

Release: 350

Temp: 42*

Pineville: 500 CFS

On Saturday the morning temperature was in the mid 20's and we picked up a couple inches of snow during the night. In the afternoon the temperature did reach into the 30's. Over the last couple of days the water level has been coming down. Yesterday the dam release was 350 cfs and with the recent drop in water level and the fact it is a holiday weekend the fishing pressure has increased. The upper end of the river between Altmar and Pineville has been getting the most fishing pressure on a daily basis but anglers have been getting into fresh chrome that came in with the higher water. Now that the water is down the lower end of the river has also seen increased fishing pressure but is also producing fresh chrome. Mid river continues to be a good choice for anglers who are willing to walk and looking for some solitude. Anglers who were fly fishing had the most success dead drifting or indicator fishing with single egg patterns. For those anglers who are bottom bouncing with spinning gear or float fishing, blue, pink and chart egg sacs, trout beads and pink worms have all produced results.

  • SEPTEMBER 15th - Lower Fly Zone Opens

  • NOVEMBER 30th - Upper Fly Zone Closes

  • APRIL 1st - Upper Fly Zone Opens

  • MAY 15th - Lower Fly Zone Closes


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